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A novel based on a small section of the city, where three residents routinely crash into each other's space. All have had shortcomings in life and find comfort in exposing the deficiency of each other. Mental walls barricade the love for the welfare of their peers. A saying of "hurt people hurt people" is vividly displayed, as hate and disrespect is commonly expressed. As self-reflection occurs, along with "special" treatment from visitors, what will it take to needle the common thread of similarity? Can one, two, or three raindrops make the river a stronger body of water? Will the informed and so-called righteous lend a helping hand to what many consider to be a mentally and spiritually dead people? Can truth be established through hard trials? Or is it useless in attempting to mentally resurrect them? Filled with pain, anger, confusion, guilt, inferiority, and the wounds of ignorance, witness what is offered to begin the healing and restoration. Observation of human behavior and nature have a unique way of teaching. A river is a strong body consisting of billions of molecules of water which have formed a bond. Imagine if a severe drought near the river, lasted for several years. The river could be reduced to the strength of a creek. But as the precipitation returns and replenishes the waterway, the river has the potential of becoming strong and mighty again If only the river knew. 

Raindrops To A River

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